CYCLESPEED Bike Repair and Wash Stand

When CYCLESPEED reached out requesting I try their latest bike repair and wash stand, I couldn’t say no. Their latest bike stand is a bottom bracket mounting type, which means the bicycle’s weight is supported under the bike rather than via a clamp suspending the bike from somewhere on the top end, such as the top tube or seat post.

The entire assembly is just 8 pounds and supports bikes weighing up to 66 pounds. That means it should support many e-bikes, which can easily weigh 50 pounds or more. The stand is supported by 3 collapsible legs that tighten with a quick release, just like many bikes. Quick release is sort of the theme here, as the next step when using this stand would be to remove the bike’s front wheel and lift the bike up onto the aluminum rail, resting the bottom bracket over the plastic support base on the far end, and then securing the fork to one of the two supplied quick release skewers. Finally, use the velcro straps around the bottom bracket to keep the bike tight on the rails.

Adjustments can be made to both the fork mount and the bottom bracket mount, which slide along the aluminum rail. The rail itself can also be centered under the stand for optimum balance. The angle of the rail can be tilted rearward by 12 degrees or forward by 45 degrees. Rail height can be adjusted between 30 and 40 inches. And lastly, the rail can spin from the pivot at 360 degrees. This gives a great range of motion to easily position the bike exactly how you want for your purpose.

I used the CYCLESPEED Bike Repair Stand as both a repair stand and a washing station.

For repair use, it does take a little extra time to setup compared to a clamp style repair stand that would support the bike from the seat post or top tube. But the clamp style stand typically doesn’t provide the ease of maneuverability, either. Outside of that, the only benefit I see to using the clamp-style repair stand is the ability to center the front brake caliper.

In my particular case, I was working on a bike with a through axle front fork, so I was unable to secure the bike using the supplied quick release skewers, and instead used the bike’s through-axle. Unfortunately this didn’t tighten the front fork to the rail, so the bike was able to wobble slightly. I’m confident that a bike with a quick release front fork would have been much sturdier. It would be nice to see a future version with third fork mount hole for 110mm boost spacing.

The velcro straps easily around the frame and keeps the bike from moving off of the bottom bracket stand. While, I didn’t need to adjust the rail angle or height after getting the bike mounted, it was nice to know that I could with just a few turns of the adjustment knobs.

Where I found this bike stand to shine is in the cleaning department.

What I would typically do to clean my bike is either turn the bike upside down on my driveway and rest it on the handlebar and seat, or lay the bike on the ground, non-drive side down. Whichever I chose meant that I’m potentially scuffing up the handlebar ends, brake levers, seat or possibly even the frame chainstays. Essentially taking an L no matter what.

Not anymore!

With the bike elevated and the front tire off, I can easily clean the bike at a comfortable height, rotating the wheels and more easily accessing the nooks and crannies that would usually prove difficult.

CYCLESPEED includes a wash mit, tire brush, and several variations of cleaning brushes and a cassette cleaning tool. Best of all, the mit and all the other cleaning tools are neatly packaged into the handle of the tire brush. This means I’m not as likely to lose one of them or have to hunt around. Where did I put that darn cassette brush?!

Things I Don’t Like

Mentioned above, if your bike doesn’t use a quick-release, you’ll need to re-use the axle and it won’t be totally secure.

Verdict: Buy

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